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Jeudi Violist

higher senses shouldn't really need their own page

Hello. So I was wondering if instead of having pages for the higher senses, and derivation senses, we could just integrate them as subtopics in the initial sense for that skill tree. so for example a link for [Long Bow] would take you for the [Bow] page and there you could find the Long Bow Information.
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Jeudi Violist
Sounds good! I'll start on changing the links :D
Ensuring that they always forward to the lower Sense would definitely be a large task, and really important.
Unfortunately, while I know how to make things forward easily on Wikipedia, I haven't figured out yet on wikia.
Also! I just thought of another huge problem for this that we'd have to figure out before we can completely do that: Merged Senses.

If we go with this, I personally think the easiest and best option would be to make merged Senses their own page, but on the merged Sense have a link back to its parent Senses and on the parent Senses have links and a brief description of the merged Sense.
So, I figured out how to do the redirect.
You use this code on the page that redirects:
#redirect [[Page title#Section name]]
#redirect [[Page title]]

I'll work on setting up the redirects from the later Senses
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