【Bow】 is a Sense that applies damage when players attack by using a bow, as well as a correction in skill and use (such as aiming, knockback, and so on) relative to its level.

In the beta version, there were more players using 【Bow】 Sense. But after the beta version's Zombie Attack,【Bow】 had started receiving treatment as a trash Sense due to its heavy dependency on consumables. While magic-type Senses obtain projectile functions like tracking as they level up, the 【Bow】 has nothing like that. The ATK stat increase the bow's range, and the DEX stat increases its accuracy. 【Bow】 Sense also has an accuracy correction when leveled up.

Arts: Edit

  • 《Long Range Shooting》 (Condition: 【Bow】 Sense level 5) (Farther range than normal)
  • 《Rapid Fire Bow - Second Form》(Condition: 【Bow】 Sense level 10) (Shoot two arrows at the same time)
  • 《Bow Skill - Arrow Stitching》 (Condition: 【Bow】 Sense level 15) (Strongest Bow Skill, with more piercing)
  • 《Bow Skill – Gust of Wind》 (Condition:????) (Area of Effect Skill with more damage along line of attack)

Even when 【Bow】 Sense is unequipped, you can still use its Arts if you have one of its derivations equipped

Player(s) who obtained this Sense:

Short Bow Edit

Short Bow derivative Sense is derived from the Bow Sense at level 30, and specializes in the smaller short bow.

Compound Bow Edit

Compound Bow derivative Sense is derived from the Bow Sense at level 30, and specializes in the use of the compound bow.

Long Bow Edit

【Longbow】 is a Sense that applied damage when players used longbow to attack.The higher the Sense,the more damage and range will increase.It can have joint damage with 【Bow】Sense. It is unlocked at Bow's level 30, and has a longer range than a regular bow.

Players who obtained this Sense:

  • Yun

Magic Bow Edit

【Magic Bow 】is a Derivation Sense of the 【Bow 】Sense, unlocked at level 50. Its Arts can deal both physical and magical damage.

Known Arts:

  • 《Magic Bow Skill – Phantom Arrow》(Condition :【Magic Bow】Sense lv 1) (Fires 5 magical arrows at target(s))

Players who obtained this Sense :

  • Yun