Cloude is a man in his 20s clothier. He specializes in making leather and cloth armor for agility based player and mages. He also has a severe case of moe addiction where he attempts to satisfy it by making cosplay clothes in his shop for his customer to wear. Lately, Yun has been his latest victim.

Sense BuildEdit

Volume 4 Edit

Sewing Lv17】 Leathering Lv10】
Long Staff Lv12】 Robe Lv27】
Sorcery Lv5】 Darkness Element Talent Lv29】
Magic Increase Lv9】 MP Increase Lv28】
Crafting Knowledge Lv38】 Taming Lv6】
Staff Lv30】 Magic Power Lv15】
Magic Attack Increase Lv11】 Magic Defence Increase Lv3】
Chanting Reduction Lv7】 Synthesis Lv7】
Linguistics Lv25】


Friends Edit

【Commonest Café & Clothier】 Edit

【Crafting Guild】 Edit


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