Before the summer update in O.S.O, 【Cooking】 is a Sense that helps people makes food to increase stats.Later on, food will help recover satiety.In the beta version,not all food made by 【Cooking】 Sense is "safe".Monsters usually drop food with poison and rarely drop normal, raw material so there aren't many people obtained this Sense.But after the update, players need food to recover satiety and there are more ans more people obtaining 【Cooking】 Sense.(Although not every food is delicious)

【Cooking】has three basic skills:

  • 《Preparing》
  • 《Processing》— Allows you to change the rough shape into the form that has been registered
  • 《Facilitating》— Can be used to shorten the time it takes to prepare dough and to tear it to form the shapes you desire. which allows you to change the rough shape into the form that has been registered.

《Ingredient Knowledge》—For 10 minutes a red marker appears on enemy, damage increases if the marked place is attacked

(Condition :The 【Cooking】 Sense is level 10 or higher, subjugating over a hundred enemies with Cooking-type equipment.)

《Poison Removal》—A skill that removes poison from ingredients.Whether it succeeds or not depends on the player's level and DEX. Disabled and unusable during combat.

(Condition :The 【Cooking】 Sense is level 10 or higher, the number of successful attempts of removing poison from material has exceeded ten times.)

"If you don't have time then you can use the【Cooking】 skill to make dishes right from the material. However, because this skill is used to make it all at once, the evaluation is low. You need to make it properly if you want to cook something delicious." (Martha, v2ch1)

Players with 【Cooking】 Sense can uses many Cooking-type weapons to attack(Not very much damage will be dealt though)

People who have obtained this Sense:

  • Yun
  • 【Eight Million Gods】 members

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