【Craftsmanship】 is a sense that allows players to polish stones and make accessories.

Parent skill : 【Crafting Knowledge】.

Skill : 【Polishing】

  • If used automatically, it uses MP and polish automatically the stones. The likelihood for polishing to fail increase and result is generally of lower quality.
  • Pebble => simple stone
  • Pebble => iron ore

Skill : 【Ring Crafting】

Skill : 【Colouring】

  • Recipes With a Portable Furnace

Note : difficulty can be lowered by raising one's ATK (using 【Attack Power Increase】, or an【enchant】). Speed of crafting can be raised with an 【enchant

  • Copper Ore x5 => Copper Ingot
  • Tin Ore x5 => Tin Ingot
  • Iron Ore x5 => Inron Ingot