【Enchant】 is a Sense that allows the user to apply buffs to themselves and others.

This sense has 3 Skills all obtained at lvl 1 of the sense.  These are:

  • Enchant Attack - Increases the target's Physical Attack stat for a short period
  • Enchant Defense - Increases the target's Defense stat for a short period
  • Enchant Speed - Increases the target's Speed stat for a short period

This sense requires 【Magic Talent】 sense and 【Magic Power】 sense to be equipped in order to be used. 【Sorcery】 sense is also usable as it is the merged sense of the previously mentioned senses.

【Enchant】 has a range of 2 meters, this is not extended through increasing the level of the sense, however, if 【Hawk Eyes】 is equipped in conjunction with this sense then 【Hawk Eyes】 targeting capability can drastically increase it's range so long as the enchant target is within the caster's line of sight.

All of the skills listed require mana to be cast but if the caster lacks sufficient mana the skill will fail and remaining mana will be consumed. Both the mana cost and cooldown of these skills are reduced by increasing the level of the 【Enchant】 Sense. Casting these enchants will also count as experience for 【Magic Talent】, 【Magic Power】, and 【Sorcery】 Senses.

Multiple enchants can be cast simultaneously, however, the mana cost seems to be multiplicative instead of additive.

When 【Enchant】 reaches level 30 its higher sense will be made available to the owner at the cost of 3 SP.  The name of the Higher Sense is 【Enchant Arts】. Acquiring the higher sense will consume Enchant and make it available for re-acquisition.

Interactions with other Senses and abilities

Hawk Eyes】 and 【Sky Eyes】increase the range of the enchantments to anywhere those abilities can target.

Sky Eyes】 allows multiple targets to be enchanted at a time, at the expense of more MP.

The enchantment stacks with ATK, DEF, SPD levels, foods that temporarily increase them, equipment bonuses, as well as other Senses that increase these stats such as 【Might】 and 【Swiftness】.

Magic Power】, 【Sorcery】, 【MP Consumption Reduction】, and 【MP increase】 all affect how many enchants can be active, and 【Magic Talent】 and 【Sorcery】 affect the strength of the enchants. Other magic-assisting Senses will also affect 【Enchant】, such as by reducing casting time or cooldown time.

Player(s) who obtained this Sense:


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