【Hawk Eyes】 Sense is a Sense that applied far sight, night vision and targeting capability on the players who obtained it.The higher the Sense, the further you can see.【Hawk Eyes】 was called a trash Sense because it only allows you to look at distant objects ("【Hawk Eyes】 only allows you to look at distant objects and isn't an unique Sense at all!" said Myu).In my opinion,【Hawk Eyes】is a Sense that supports others Senses.

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Hawk Eyes being used by Yun for the first time

Example: Edit

  • 【Hawk Eyes】+【Enchant】(Increase Enchant range)
  • 【Hawk Eyes】+【Discovery】(Find more hidden place)
  • 【Hawk Eyes】+ "magic and elemental-type Senses" (Long-ranged magic attacks will aim correctly)

Players who obtained this Sense:

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