Highlands Area is a mountainous plains region located north of First Town, and is only accessible through either climbing or flight. It looks like a large plains and has a huge living mountain called the Grand Rock. The plains are filled with herds of monsters, and every so often the Grand Rock awakens and causes the monsters to rampage.

Apperances Edit

Light Novel Edit

Yun first arrives there in Volume 7 when it was newly-discovered, and returns again in Volume 11 to travel to the next town beyond it. In Volume 7, he discovers it with Taku and the climber, then later exploring it with Taku and Emily, then fighting bosses with many players including Taku's group.

Manga Edit

*Nothing yet

Nearby Zones Edit

Mountains between First Town and Highlands Area

Inside-Body Dungeon - accessible by defeating a Cockatrice King during rampage

Town north of Highlands Area - accessible by defeating Lightning Horse

Traps and Dangers Edit

Rampaging monsters

Difficulty climbing Grand Rock

Obtainable Items Edit

Mining spots on Grand Rock

Drops from monsters

Monsters Edit

Lightning Horse (boss)


King Cockatrice (boss) - only available during rampage, boss version of Cockatrice

Mage Goat

Warlock Goat (boss) - only available during rampage, boss version of Mage Goat

Iron Cow

Steel Cow (boss) - only available during rampage, boss version of Iron Cow