Paralysis Resistance is a Sense that helps the user resist and end the bodily status effect of Paralysis. It can be obtained at SP 20. It is a completely passive stat that raises the user's passive defenses, and can be combined with Poison Resistance, Sleep Resistance, and Stun Resistance to become Bodily Resistance when they all become level 30. The more paralysis is resisted, the easier it is to move and act. Compared with Bodily Resistance, Paralysis Resistance is eight times easier to level up but gives the same DEF bonus to paralysis at each level.

In the Light Novel, it is mentioned in Volume 1 as one of the Senses obtainable at SP 20. The Sense Build Data in Volume 3 shows that Toutobi had raised it to Lv5. Volume 4 talks about how (along with the DEF stat) it can help prevent bad statuses and mentions it can be leveled by intentionally drinking Paralysis-inducing potions, and the Sense Build Data shows that Mikaduchi has Lv9 with it. Against the Cannibal Plant, both Gantz and Toutobi are paralyzed in spite of their Paralysis Resistance, but Gantz only received a light paralysis. In Volume 8, Yun speed-trains this Sense, reaching Lv31 momentarily.

Interactions with other Senses and abilities

Bodily Resistance: Because they both cover Paralysis, their effects can presumably stack.

DEF stat: A higher DEF stat makes it easier to resist paralysis.

Snake Eyes: Snake Eyes causes paralysis in a target and a target with high enough Paralysis Resistance can be unaffected by Snake Eyes.

Darkness Element Talent: A couple of Darkness magics can cause paralysis; a higher Paralysis Resistance will prevent its effects.

Paralysis-poisoned consumables created using Mixing and Synthesis. Consumable weapons (like arrows or darts) can be synthesized with paralysis-causing potions. Paralysis Resistance reduces the chance of the paralysis occurring, as well as the duration, and the strength of the paralysis.

Paralysis Resistance's effects can be mimicked by items, as well. For example, the Faerie Blessing effect increases resistance to paralysis by 3%. The Tou Fruit also increases resistance to paralysis. The Sting Bee Queen's Wing strengthening material also increases resistance to paralysis.

Players who have obtained this Sense