In 【Only Sense Online】, the players are all equipped with abilities called 'Senses'.

A Sense is an equippable talent that exists separately from the normal equipment like weapons. While equipped, a Sense can give you a permanently active ability, allow you to use certain skills, have an effect on various actions, or provide corrections and multipliers during the game.

Up to 10 Senses can be equipped at once. An acquired Sense does not have to be equipped, and can be kept as backup. The Senses can be freely re-equipped.

Player starts with 10 Sense Point (SP), which allows them to choose and equip their 10 active slots. Through the Sense Expansion Quest, an additional slot can be gained.

For every 10 levels gained in sense, the player gains one free SP and gain further Senses.

See: Sense List for a list of known senses (and a few speculative).