The Stats in Only Sense Online determine a large amount of the gameplay, including damage, accuracy, crafting success, and so on. A player cannot see what their Stats are at.

Stats are determined exclusively by the Sense configuration (including level) and equipment.

The Stats are:

MP, the amount of magic power the player has for casting spells, using Arts, and crafting through various means

HP, the amount of hit points a player has before death

ATK, physical attack, which relates to things such as weapon damage, climbing ability, bow range, and ability to temper high-level ores

DEF, physical defense, which relates to reducing physical damage and resisting physical Statuses.

INT, magic attack, which relates to magic damage

MIND, magic defense, which relates to reducing magic damage and resisting mental Statuses

SPEED, which determines how fast a player can move

DEX, related to weapon and production skills, including crafting success rates, bow accuracy, and so on

LUK, affecting drop rates and critical hit rates