• Real Name: Takumi

Taku is Yun's childhood friend, and is also friends with his sisters. They go to class together and frequently when they meet up in real life, they talk about games (whenever they aren't talking about school).

Taku is in to gaming as much as Yun's sisters, such that Yun considers him to be as much of a "cheat" as them - or, ,in other words, Yun considers Taku to be too good at playing games.

Senses Edit

Volume 1 Edit

【Sword Lv36】 【One-Handed Sword Lv8】
【Light Armour Lv17】 【Magic Power Lv10】
【HP Increase Lv 21】 【Physical Increase Lv8】
【Fighting Spirit Lv15】 【Party Lv17】
【Defying Heart Lv5】 【Swordman's Knowledge Lv23】
【Armour Lv30】 【Magic Defence Increase Lv4】
【Dual Sword Lv5】

Volume 7 Edit

  • Acquired the 【Climbing】 sense


Friends Edit

Party Edit


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