Volcanic Area is a sweltering-hot volcano mountain located through Third Town's Mine Dungeon. It has several stations on the way up the mountain. In order to pass through each station, a player has to find the key to the gate located somewhere in the area. The last area in here is the Demonfolk Resort, and the station just before it is a hot spring.

Yun traveled up the mountain when it was the frontlines, accompanied by Mikadzuchi, Sei, and Myu's party, along with the Eight Million Gods guild. Later, Magi traveled here after gathering arachne silk.

Traps and Dangers Edit

Hot environmental damage, which was implemented ______.

Sweltering oil that can catch fire.

Obtainable Items Edit

Mining spots.

Volcanic sweltering oil.

Monsters Edit

Magma Bear

Dust Moth

Dust Eater

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